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Steve dot com a wednesday dark. Although there's plenty of activity in there it's a brad cox citing what do you say. Say say hello to the sale over the studio audience about how you doing. Good look look. Look whose name is highlighted on. Last week's shell like that. I like that hopefully next week as well well exactly. I didn't call you this week. Because i figured you know what the is a good chance you might win a race You know over the next several days. Hopefully we got some love horses against good spots and washed all shipped up settled in well. So we're just getting them out in Some schooling and got to school some horses next couple of days and hopefully it all works out a couple of thoughts about what went on texas derby winner warren to In fact both of the horses the win winner and the texas derby winner. Voth feel like you know. Those late season development projects that might have a role at higher levels as the sovereign foltz. Yeah for sure. I mean horses like You know both of these cults Move forward the spring and like you said you know they was like somewhat lightly raced and hopefully can you can continue to competing graded stakes through the rest of the season. How about Setpiece to the douglas park That was a that was a very impressive of just kind of gathering along and then yeah i thought visually it was definitely his best race. He's had You know just kind of took command turning for home and it without a lot of urging so hopefully he can make his presence felt some great steaks Throughout the rest of the year you got the belmont favorite. I suppose we should bring him out. I the morning come on the belmont. Main track handled everything. Really well System dustin dugas galloped him and said you know he's very smooth good. Going horse handled everything of extremely well mentally as well so He's he's in gets by right now very happy with how. He some Training quick look ahead. You can try horse in the in the gold cup if you run in a race that distance before that's right that's right. I forgot about our. That's right so Yeah this is always. We've always felt like he wanted to marathon distances. You know two miles. I mean he's never even run a mile a half before but you know movie. Do you think he's going to be a further the race. The better you know obviously a deep group of horses so the open air outside box for nick's go in the met mile some thoughts. I like this. I love the draw. Joel she'll break in pick figure out where he needs to be. Who are where he wants to be in. You know we'll see if he can take to the one turn mile ogden phipps bonnie south and she dares the devil and some people are talking that that's their favorite race. Go on saturday. The more excited about the matchup going on there As much as anything yeah. It's a good spot in both of these phillies. Our training as well as they can possibly train. So i think they're both setup for big efforts I think there's some speed in there that you know that obviously she. There's a double be a part of that. Mix up front and you know it could help Bonnie come in a late. I think she's training every bit as well. She's ever trained so big one from her. Well that the that people are going to file that we'll talk about the corner of the second they're gonna file that nugget away with skydiver down inside lotrowska in the three hole. It is really a monoploy girl had been eligible to participate. This would have been an early early. Distaff yea right And i mentioned the acorn travel column Six pack in here and Day out of the office search results traveled column obligatory. either feels like The principles yeah no doubt she is doing well. You know look cut back. I think it'll be a good thing for her Drew inside there. Looks like there's going to be some speed in front of her you know. Hopefully she'll be be effective and caddo river and felt feels like you know you waited and waited and waited you happy with the way. The decisions unfolded and a very to survey the break. And go from there. The grade. one seven eighths You know obviously jackie's warrior dream shake drain the clock god. There's going to be no shortage apace. Yeah i think like you said good good spot where he can break look over his left and kind of see how things are unfolding I'd like the cut like the time between the last race in this So i think there's a lot of pas working for him you know. I'm not seeing a seventy horsepower. Do think he might be better around one. Turn you know. You had a nice run here last year. Belmont in his second start of his career against a really hot maiden race it was. It was a lot of horses a of talent in that race and ended up going on to do some things. So you know we're hopeful that You know he he'll handle the cutback i want to ask you. What crazy offbeat horse A first time starter. Philly union rags philly lady scarlett from papa top. Yeah yeah peel. Blake greg of birmingham alabama had horses for him for a few years and This is a hamburg The barry is prepared enough. you know. she's nice she's You know quick enough out of the gate showed some speed of the mornings and You know one of those that you know has gotten ready early. Done a ton with her but You know showed us enough to go ahead and put her into put her in the entry box. Obviously i could ask you as always visit. I could ask about thirty things. Go back to the barn but Brad obviously big chances Including opportunity in the feature in the belmont stakes. Good visiting with you and a good senior and we'll Touch brad cox. Everybody and in fact they gotta get a picture because you know how many opportunities do we get there. We go nice done. One shot one shot. Brat. that's working How about that impromptu. That that's the beauty of being on site the real him in You heard what. I heard right regarding bonnie. South did you. Did you write pretty sure that they're pretty sure. That was a glowing endorsement of bonnie. South's chances to run down the big names joel. Rosario board and speaking. Joel rosario you. You probably might not have occurred yet to you but you do have the The opportunity To hear from ron anderson. It's a it's a tradition. A tradition like no other ryan anderson is around and he will join us in this hour. Actually considering under how many people will stay around But we're expecting doug o'neill to come downstairs after unless he exited the building in a different direction Saw doug as a hot rod. Charlie did his morning work. And i maybe it's just me but i was excited to see lava man as i was any anything else Lava man coming out And escorting hot rod charlie. So we'll see if doug wanders back through if he does will snare him as well. Rodney anderson though probably about nine forty. It's wednesday which means said sire watch pedigree

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