Meat and Climate Change: What's the Beef With Beef?


So much conflicting information about me whether it's good or bad for us and whether it's good for health down planet in so tell us how how to get to be public enemy number one and be perceived as the most environmentally destructive and least healthy food that we're eating and how we got this wrong when it comes to this topic yeah. I really think that's true. I think it's kind of been you know it's been called the king of meats especially in the united states and i think part of that is because it was the most consumed meat in the us. For a long time you know for decades. It was the number one most consumed me. That's actually chicken now. But he has been placed but it was for a very long time meet. You know it was the number one me to there that aspect of it and then there's the fact that beef has always been the most expensive meat. And so you know. I mean maybe frog meat or something obscure would be above it. But as far as meats that are commonly available the beef would be kind of the the thing. You might just have on saturday night. You know the nice state. When i grow in my household had a stake on saturday night for example and that was because it was it was a more expensive piece of meat and so it was something that had just once a week and so it was kind of regarded as you know something that was a little bit special and In around one thousand thousand nine hundred seventy. I think partly because of the fact that it was the the most popular meat and it was also considered kind of almost a little bit of a luxury it but the same time these are large animals and so the individual animals are really visible on the landscape. And when you look at the individual animal like how much water at drinks or how much land purportedly takes to raise an individual animal. It just looks like a lot and so right around. Nineteen seventy you know. I think that i could kinda date. That as the key kickoff point when people really started focusing on you know cattle being a problem ecologically and beef. It shouldn't be something we're eating so much

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