Bobbing in the Bay: Revisiting The Crimes of Oba Chandler


In florida. There's an ocean reachable within sixty miles of any point of land in the state. And this is what draws so many people there sadly today's murderer oba chandler used his access to the water as a lure for unsuspecting women on sunday morning. June fourth nineteen forty nine. The bodies of three unidentified women were floating around in tampa bay. The first body was found when several people aboard a sailing boat that was crossing under the sunshine. Skyway saw something bobbing in the water. They immediately called the police who began working to remove the body as they were doing so a second body was found floating under appear in saint petersburg which was about two miles north of where the first body was found. Police will retrieving the second body. When the third was found floating only two hundred yards away. All three bodies were found floating face down. They had been bound and gagged and were nude from the waist down then they had been tied to concrete blocks which were pulled up to the surface as the bodies began to decompose after thorough autopsy. The coroner stated that the women had been sexually assaulted then thrown into the water alive. They hadn't been blindfolded so they had been able to see and hear and had struggled to untie themselves until their air ran out the fact that the women were raped told police they were looking for a sexual predator. Investigators immediately began combing through missing persons cases in an attempt to identify the three women but were unable to find anything days later a manager from a local hotel calls. The police say at three women checked into his hotel but didn't check out. They were joan rodgers and her two daughters michelle and christie and detective named cavill and his team entered the room where they found clothes toys and other personal items fingerprints. These items were found to match the bodies of the victims. They were a mother and her two daughters.

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