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Ideas how the growing organization had pivot due to the pandemic and his plans to use hip hop to help save america and is traditionally underserved and oppress citizens one big city at a time. So again shoot me an email. Podcast at hip hop ca. Save america dot com. Let me know what you think of the show and the ideas people organizations you'd like to cover or just to shower me with compliments either. That's fine that's fine too now for more information about the show visit. Www dot hip hop could save. America dot com. And remember that while you could send me an email or leave a review and your podcast. One of the best things that could ask for is for you to share this with like two people. One who loves the idea that hip hop can help save america. And maybe one who isn't so sure we're here for all of them. Now here's my talk with capri jerry from hip hop for change coffee. If you could very briefly just your name rank serial number identify yourself and your role at organization absolutely monday. Ms kafr jacomb. The executive director and the founder of hip change also do everything else. That's necessary to keep this movement going forward. I know how to move now. Know how that goes by the way that movement that hip hop for change explain your role there and what that movement is. So i'm i'm the president of the board also the executive director. I started this myself. I had an idea. I had some gumption right cincinnati. I stood on a street corner for seven months by myself. Raise the funds and build off. Before i got my first coworkers. And we've been moving ever sentiment. Was this twenty thirteen right in the beginning of twenty thirty teams a great time for me. I done a lot of things as well. You know we we. We wear many hats when you're hip hop entrepreneurs or change agents or we might call ourselves. The nonprofit world is a whole different beast. I got my toe in it. I'm doing some things but it's a whole different animal. Man is me. Unfortunately that i'm able to be able to empower that with hip hop. You know what i'm saying. We got our own economic structures and hip hop that allows me to make an organization without really having to dip my toes foundations. I so i was able to remain authentic Really build a movement around what we needed. Not what they needed to hear us funders. You know what. I'm saying. So i like that. That's a good good angle. We'll talk more about the specifics of the founding your organization what the services and such are i wanted to give you an opportunity where we're at a weird time right this minute. We don't have to do this if you don't want to You've probably heard that there's a verdict coming in these chauvin. Trial will go out within a couple of weeks most likely. So it'll still be kinda timely and we will discover it probably in the middle of us talking here as as a black man in america does a million things probably going through your head and head lot of your brethren as a hip hop guy a lot of times those things those feelings and emotions overlap because they're are very closely intertwined but there's also some ways that i think hip hop minded folk the world differently and i was wondering. Is we as we sit on this precipice of this this this particular this unfortunately only the latest in this long line of these sort of things. If you want to share your thoughts. I wanted to give you the space man you know i. I'm not to used to feeling cautiously optimistic. You know what i'm saying. But i think we have learned words and being a hip hop artist. Rapper myself words powerful words dictate what you can imagine your abilities to be right. And we learned some big vocabulary through occupy about the one percent right. People think occupied and do anything. He changed the whole american lexicon of well. We're capable of and who the enemy is. And that's why bernie sanders says even here. Because we changed the words. We just learned last year that we could burn down courthouses. If we get so mad right even the gop right wing folks. They went to the capitol because they learn. Hey we could go to. And i think the leadership learned that this is not a game although they were playing for a long time to actually has real consequences and people are getting death threats. Nee afraid so. I'm not sure what's going to happen with this outcome. I don't even wanna as a black man. I don't want to be hoped we wanna play that game no more. You know what i'm saying. But what i do know is that i'm really heartened. By by the proletariats response to injustice. Now you know what i'm saying. A lot of. There's a lot of movement happening like. I'm knowledgeable about history and about the way things worked but i don't know what's gonna happen you next couple of years and it's not that i don't know what's going to happen in terms of they're gonna continue to shoot black people and now white folks to everybody because the police state police state but i'm actually hopeful that we might be able to catalyze some change if we keep the streets like when when george floyd happened i was like. How long are we gonna protest. That's what i'm waiting to see. How long is this going to last. We still going man. And i'm so happy about that. You know even as a as a hip hop activism black activist. I was excited to see that. You know the the ramifications of haven't trump in office. you know what i'm saying like before trump. We didn't have black women. News anchors during prime time. We didn't have black commentators. Every single segment on msnbc right before trump we would have. We could barely say so politics on embassy right now. We're like he's a racist racist racist guilty. I'm like i'm here for all that you know what i'm saying. So the biggest and most important thing and actually per se. I don't know if we lasted four more years with trump. I don't know what would happen. Glad we got out of that by by the hairs on. I cheated chin but but but i'm glad that we got to see 'cause you know the one saving grace for racism is is the twin shadow. Simone i'm saying the one saving grace for the white modernist for them not to leak that they are racist or that's the appear to me of races right so i like my racist out in the open on camera and getting punched by liberal berkeley white house again because they have been pushing for a little while. You know what i'm saying. We haven't stopped fighting. Nazis the whole time we've been wondering liberal white. America was like well we got k. Come on come join. Join the poor body on the machine. Like mario savia set So that's the one beautiful thing. It's like nothing's going to get fixed until it comes to a head right. Yeah and rodney king. That was a little bit of a head but it wasn't enough. I'm saying so in. The country founded in grounded in the most genocidal whites per hour. We've seen the most genocide but just founded in pure genocide. Colonialism patriarch you all that stuff. We need a really really big head. Go if we're going to get to where we need to be. And i see that right now so you know i don a less matters about what the outcome is for the derek chauvin trial and it just more matters what the people understand. Their role is their job is and they're tired of it. And i think that we black and white not not all white folks. You know what. I'm saying spitting seven percent of them voted for trump again or whatever it was but but i think that we just need a key. We just need a. I think we got that now. I think we got enough fervor in timmel to assess take change whichever way that goes and you know the arc of the moral universe best towards truth most most of the time that outlook. That's really interesting. The change in media the change in in words. I think that was important. The changing concepts from you know from one. We just did a another show last name weekly show called this week and social justice we had a guest on that talked about the phrase excited delirium phrase that that that police officer often used in their defenses and it makes it sound like it's a it's a medical term. It's like an excited utterance. Which is a legal thing. No it's both it's made up. It's not a medical term. The term is being used to get police officers. But the fact that we're recognizing these things now we don't know the inner workings of of what we don't know what we know. That police don't get accountable right now. We're now we're starting to dig a little bit. I find out why and now we know that these things and if you get a we talked to a medical professional who says we're getting the medical community to speak out against this. You know this use of this in legal settings He says. I talk as a medical professional. I talk about it and none of medical professionals Even know that this is being used so now they're gonna come in and and and worked as expert

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