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Three w y PC mobile news on the level on the go. Her neighbors called for help, but it was too late. Becoming mostly cloudy overnight. Mostly sunny, breezy and McGee Tuesday. I'm stand Lear. Here's what's trending this. Our firefighters had trouble getting past the flames and the clutter in the burning house on Indy Southeast side Monday. There is somebody in the house. The 911 color was right. A woman was found inside. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of the fire and unattended space heaters. Say, I FD investigators. Arrested for the murders of three people in Peru, one of them a child 25 year old Mitchell Page of Broxton, The victim's Desai, a hall Jessica Sizemore and four year old Raelynn. Sizemore Page is the father of one of Sizemore's Children. 125 General Assembly seats and all nine of Indiana's US House seats are on next year's election ballot, and prospective candidates won't know whether they can run until nearly the last minute. Eric Berman explains. Candidate filing opens January 5th. But a delay in census data means the district will be drawn until September or October. Indiana Democratic Chairman Mike Small says it's frustrating, but says the party can work around it. Get the lines come down in somebody's in there, and they've been planning for this for a while, then they're ready to go. Things have shifted for some things. Unexpected party is going to have to adjust, and Republican Chairman Kyle Hopper say there's plenty of big picture work being done while they await the district lines up for, says Republicans are building party. Try to be ready to support whichever races turned out to be competitive. Eric Berman, 93 WNBC Mobile needle on the level on the go on down wi be si dot com. Now here's the forecast from the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. In mild Tonight under mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the upper sixties overnight. We'll start your day on Tuesday with temperatures in the sixties warming to the mid to upper eighties

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