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Sleep Solutions. Hold medical 877 sleep. Am I or visit Sleep Solutions Inc dot com Showers, thunderstorms coming in rounds here as we head through the next few days today, best chance is going to be this afternoon would be surprised if something tries to sneak in this morning with cluster passing just to our North. 89 tonight. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Early 71 likely thunderstorms on Wednesday with high of 85 Thursday thunderstorms 78 Friday clouds sunshine. Finally, some drier weather high 75 from the Weather Channel meteorologist. Race stages on Newstalk 7 60 WJR You're hearing the Paul W. Smith Show News Talk 7 60 W. J. R 6 48 12 minutes away from seven o'clock, and there's a lot of topics out there will be covering and talking about, including this one. New statistics showing In the automotive industry. We just we're talking to Paul Eisenstein up. Workers flocked to Michigan Cannabis industry. As others struggle to hire. Um And of course, the weather is going to be of concern with the heat index it maybe 101 in our area. As we hit 90 degrees again. And then, of course, the Hurricane watch issued for part of Florida's West Coast as Elsa tracks through the Gulf lots more to talk about. We're going to cover it off for you hear it. News Talk 7 60 wjr.

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