A highlight from How to Get Your Husband to Meet Your Emotional Needs


You're meets needs aren't being met than the good news is you can change it. Okay you they these different ways you can go about it today. We'll be looking at how you can create the context so that your husband is going to meet your needs and in case he. He isn't meeting your needs. We'll have a few trip so where we're going to talk about how you can meet your own emotional needs because that's part of this whole meeting. Your emotional needs game. It's not just on your partner but in this episode we definitely show you how you can draw this. You know the desire out of him that he does want to to help you to be happy. And if you're unsure whether your needs are your emotional needs are being met in your relationship or not you think maybe not. Maybe him delusional. Maybe i'm reading too much into it. It just not sure then. Check out either last episode where we covered a five signs. That your needs aren't met and there are five more Which we write about in the cover more detail within our blog so he missed that either. Listen to the last episode or head over to the show notes at your exceptional relationship dot com for slash. Seventeen one seven and there you can find the blog where we give you all the signs right good so the very first thing i want to say before we dive in is that a healthy relationship is a relationship where your needs are being met and where you feel happy satisfied and fulfilled. This is not a fantasy does not something that you have to sacrifice just to be in a long term relationship in our experience. The longer you're in the relationship the battery gets yes. You have the initial honeymoon face and then the drop off where it becomes more difficult but once you make it through that hump. They relationship becomes better than the honeymoon. And it really becomes exceptional because you're choosing to be together and you are showing each other love that is truly aligned to each other and and here's the thing right when we tune into this topic our relationship it doesn't feel like pulling teeth but it doesn't feel like i'm trying to demand something from you which i'm not getting on a regular basis. So i what. I need to do today to squeeze out her. You know and i think one of the reasons why we are in that place and when we are not facing this issue right now is because we have about the foundation for actual connection for fulfilling each other's desires in a very natural way. I think there is a lot of tips and advice and stuff out there. you can probably find. Where're either. You are serving your husband or he serving you and your meeting. His desire. His need his expectation. But if feels so shallow. It's like oh do this for him and he'll be happy. It was like well not necessarily because we all know deep down that were more complicated than that and the same thing goes for your emotional needs right because you're listening to this and you're thinking how can he eat. Meet my emotional needs. You're not staying my emotional need of today of the moment you're say no for the rest of our lives like for our relationship for this marriage to work. There's no rumbling in my stomach rumbling thunder if you do hear that um so. It's much deeper than just this moment. Can i feel satisfied for a little bit. Because he finally understood me for a moment or he finally did that for me. We're trying to get him to fulfil your knees in a bigger way in a grand scheme of things so that you no longer have to worry about it and that he actually comes from a place where he wants to fulfill your needs like. It's like one of his top things. He loves it he loves doing it. That's really where we're heading with this. And which is why. We're going to talk about it in the bigger context so that you're setting yourself up for success because imagine if every single time he had a need that he wanted it to be fulfilled within the relationship.

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