A highlight from Episode 6: Starting a Business is No Cake Walk


Okay to hear more about mc story and how she got here taking this leap of faith with dos butter house. I sat down with her outside the kitchen. You gonna make me sound with her. Two black cats hobart and cornerstone. Hobart like the mixer. And karna sean like the pickle. She lives here in charlotte with fiance not. Far from the kitchen she bakes. She's definitely found her place in this tight community here but she's originally from the south. I was born in new jersey. But i grew up in richmond virginia. Yeah definitely weird. Kid definitely have been cooking my whole life. I was like that weird kid that would like bring risotto to like a potluck in sixth grade. That's so weird weird but people loved it and it's cheesy it's delicious megara. Up in a household of cooks her dad cooked cooked but my grandmother was like an amazing chef. Amazing like she would watch julia child and then go into her kitchen and make that for dinner like she would be ironing watching it and the mainland. I can do that. Just start making like. She was like a five star chef. Shoes watching julia child. You're watching her. Yeah basically so even though. Meg was weird risotto. Kid she said she went to a pretty nerdy high school and fit right in their school. Where for your senior year you pick your own mentor ship. At a job in the real world most people would do their mentor. ships at lake a doctor's office or like office. And i asked if i could do it in a restaurant and they're like sure whatever you want. That was like my first intro until like actual kitchens so you love cooking but you never been like in the food culinary kitchen world loza like when you get thrown into the fire. It was a toe. I mean when you cook at home. It's a totally different experience. 'cause you're cooking for yourself and so you can screw up as many times as you want but when you're cooking in the kitchen and especially in like a small like family owned thing it's like you can't really mess up. That's their money. That's somebody's business. And there is a slim margin of error and where that might have been a daunting environment for a regular teenager to step into. Meg was hooked. I loved it. I loved being in a kitchen. I loved working. I loved. I know this is gonna sound stupid but it makes you feel important like it makes you feel like you're doing something for a reason and like that was kind of the first time that i felt like i was good at what i was doing. Played sports in high school but said she was never the best on the team. She was a good student but usually got bees but in the kitchen she felt like she excelled and she felt right at home and accepted. They thought it was cool. That i was the weird result. Okay i if it felt right. She started off college at bu entrance for back home and went to university of virginia while working to restaurants basically worked like forty hours a week at two different jobs and went to school and then graduated and immediately moved to new york. Would you got there. She applied for about twenty-five jobs in restaurants before she got one break. I got a job working with an really amazing pastry chef. I never want see pastry. Like i was always cook and i never thought pastry was where i was gonna go. I thought like take this for a couple of months. I'll figure out what i wanna do a and turns out. I loved it for meg. This was a new medium. She could express herself with cooking more organized. It made it really fun to be creative. I could take these very specific ratios. It's like you know that like this plus this plus this makes this like it's a very specific. It comes out the same every time from that. You can kind of more flat into what you wanna do. So she kept working in different kitchens. Each time picking up on more aspects. That helped her understand the business more and more and eventually found her way to vermont where she ended up landing a huge gig running the bakery an esteemed farm and restaurant in charlotte where she could only make a menu based off of what was seasonally available at local farms around her to have to think like that is so great for your brain and it's so great for creativity. Use thrive when you have constraints to work with them. Yeah exactly yeah like having parameters where. It's like okay like you only have rhubarb for good luck. By the time she got into the swing of things at this farm restaurant. Meg already had a decade of experience. This is a great job but by this point she knew enough about baking in about the business itself to start concocting her own ideas. I felt like there. Were parts of myself that i was like tapping down constantly. Much is what you do when you work for someone else's like you're constantly doing what other people tell you do and that's part of the job. Meg was running the kitchen here. When covert hit twenty twenty and like most restaurants her pivoted to pick up and delivery and they were slammed was especially now over work that she started squirreling away ideas for dos butter house a dream bakery where she had the freedom to make what she wanted to make which had like sprinkles and lake salt. And all of these things that i loved and especially like during cova da. It was almost like a coping mechanism of being so insanely busy. That i wanted to cry. And then coming home and like thinking about what. I would do better if i did it myself. And then late in the twenty twenty she got hit by a rogue wave. Even though the restaurant had one of the best seasons i had ever had. They started letting people go yeah. They laid off a huge part of their staff including myself. There are a lot of really amazing people that i worked with. It was really surprising and really sad. Yeah it kinda sucked. What were your initial feelings. When you think i can confidently say a workaholic. was suddenly without a job and a job that you were very intimately tied to running this entire kitchen. I i kind of this. I don't. I know that a lot of people wouldn't do this. I basically within like three days was like okay. I've been thinking about dazs butter. I guess i'll just make dos blur house. The thing she did make dos butter house. A thing in case you're wondering. The awesome name is inspired by german pastries and her love for pretty much all things german. I was really inspired by like grams. Fairy tales with like the gingerbread house where it's just like a big playful house full of butter instead of candy because i don't like candy. I like better. Meg was laid off in october. Twenty twenty so she was looking down the barrel of starting dos

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