The Transformation of Audio Advertising: 3 Key Drivers


Three kind of key drivers that get us very excited. One is for the first time in the history of broadcast Through machine learning and through continental lyrics. We have context. We know what the customers listening to. And not just the the station or the the program or But like what were they talking about. Thirty seconds before the ad started. And what are they talking about. Afterwards so we can start to make advertising that's more contextual on more appropriate And less intrusive in the listening experience the the second point is got great address ability You know the broadcast industry for a long time was a one way medium where they broadcast out into the world and they didn't know who is listening had to kind of work with third parties like nielsen and arbitron and others to sort of assess their audience and understand who they were. We can understand that at a one to one level now And then the third leg of the stool to your point is interactivity. So you have context. And you know who you're talking to you can allow them to interact with brands. You can have them to interact and purchase You know items that they're hearing about in real time and so you know all of that together you know takes Audio from a place where you know largely i think marketers said well. It's great for brand awareness. It's great for frequency. But i don't really know of it's actionable. I don't really know whether it delivers real outcomes for me. And how to track that to a medium that can compete with video that can compete with display and that you know we can actually understand on a very detailed basis. Its performance caliber And i think that it's very exciting for everybody. It gets exciting for the customer. Because they start getting ads that are more appropriate more contextual and more engaging for them and less disturbing in the in the content consumption experience and it helps marketers tremendously because they can actually engage their audience in a way that's meaningful And that drives. I think hopefully a lot of value For the ecosystem of partners that were creating around the platform. So i think it's a very exciting time like i don't think we've ever been at this moment Before an audio but the thing. I'm i'm very sure about. Is you know over the next five years or so The days of of radio the way that we knew them Not only will. They be distant memories. People won't just be laughing at. Oh god you guys used to use tapes and record off the radio But they're gonna say oh. You never talk to an ad before right happens all the time. That's that's how it's designed now

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