Nadal Knocked out in French Open Semi-Finals by Djokovic

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Unthinkable has happened rafael. Nidal knocked out in the semifinals of the twenty twenty. One french open novak djokovic delivering one of his finest performances. Add a grand slam in his career. Of course now. He's got the chance to capture his second grand slam title at the french open. Become one of only three men to accomplish that in men's tennis history. Of course he still has one match to win that match going to be against to. Ct paths who reaches her his first grand slam final of his career. Earning a five-set victory over alex sierra of a fantastic day of tennis in the books of course we still got two more to go here at the twenty twenty one french open as our women's singles final takes place tomorrow are men's singles final takes place on sunday joining me on today's podcast to recap all of today's action preview. The women's final also offer our initial thoughts on that men's final as well. You know him as our do everything. Here act cracked rackets. Forefather of the forehand slice the only undefeated high school tennis coach in missouri state history. It's james foster. Mcdonald's jamie seven hours of tennis in the books how you feel in my friend Not as tired as an adult but Pretty tired pretty tired knocking lady. I got up early. I was jazz. I was energized for the day. It did disappoint. it was good as good. No the quality of tennis from start to finish. Even if it was indulge in about twenty minutes really those first two games immediately put to shame the entire quality of this year of c t poss- match. And i will argue to the dying day that that's your fear of ct post-match much like this fear of t match was better than the consensus seems to be surrounding at but the quality of joke vich even though noodle hadn't played his best tennis. This felt like the first time we've seen novak joke which his absolute peak in quite a bit of time. Maybe even in this entire season

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