Travel to Benin - Rachel Décoste


Or wikipedia. Wants me to say benin. But i will defer to the guest here. I'd like to welcome to the show. Rachel day cost from year of return. Book dot com. And who has come to talk to us about the country of been in rachel. Welcome to the show. Happy to be here first of all. We're probably gonna need to put this on a map because some people are wildly googling right now in wikipedia where is the country have been in innocent a west africa the biggest countries nearby our nigeria and ghana. And why did you find yourself in banana in the first place. Let's start with that. I did a dna test years ago. I am african canadian. Meaning my ancestors. Came here as enslaved africans. We don't know where from and i thought. Dna tests would be a good way to find out where my origins were from. After i did the dna tests been in was one of the top countries along with togo. Nigeria the whole region. Really and then. I took a trip there for six months and been in was one of the five countries. I visited excellent. And why should someone go to in. What i loved about. Being in was that it was authentic in terms of it hasn't yet been too americanized to westernize is still wear the traditional clothes. Drink their traditional tease ethan traditional food and it really felt like you were transported back to a time. They've kept their culture almost intact. And that's why you would want to go to benin versus another country that might be more westernized. There's something authentic inorganic about banana. That is so heartwarming. Banana is a small country. As i recall. It's actually a smaller country in africa. But it's the same size approximately the same size of ohio. Which always surprises

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