How to Wow Your Customers With Little Things


I learn about the strategy. How to wow your customers with very little things from derek sievers. When i read his book anything you want. Derek did something that costs him absolutely nothing but made an incredible impression on his customers. And that was sending a very creative and thoughtful confirmation email to all his customers typically. When you order something online you just get a standard confirmation email. Hey this confirms her order. Here's your receipt. Thanks for shopping at this store. Derek said this is very very good opportunity for me to make a great impression. People are waiting for this confirmation email. They're checking their inbox. I have their full attention. Let me delight them now. I'm not gonna read you. Derek's actual confirmation email. You can actually google it. Just go to google and right. Derek sievers confirmation email. And i'm sure you will find it. It is worth the read but just to give you an idea. He created a great little story in painted a picture for each customer of how happy and excited the whole team is that they bought from his company. Cd baby it's funny is cheeky. It's a memorable and of course it's viral marketing because people loved it so much. They forwarded the email to their friends. They told their friends and family bussey db because of the confirmation email. It cost him nothing but a little creativity. So what else. What else can you do to while your customers with very little investment. Well let's stick to email one of the ways that you can do. This is to write delightful emails. I learned this from matthew kimberley. Who gave an amazing workshop To our weather ninja and his whole theory is hey instead of trying to send emails. Sue everybody on your email us with blog posts and infinite tactics tips. Just send emails. That are fun to read. That are interesting. You can share stories from your childhood or your plans for your next vacation and people will read them. Because they'll find you interesting

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