Ron Desantis On Crazy People


So he was wrong to Santos at a press conference, pointing out the fact that the media for years of excuse me months, not years, precision matters said all that, Rhonda said this a conservative in Florida. What a terrible job handed the handle in the Corona virus. They call them Death. Santa's Florida What a mess Now that Florida's emerged from the Corona virus is one of the best performers not the worst, like Andrew Cuomo when the Liberals in New Jersey I understand this has had kind of enough of that crap. So he was him an oppressor the other day when they ask him about who the real crazy people are. Check this out. Normally, it's not all of our different normally open then. So so this is one of the first ones. I think they sent, like one of the corporate media outlets sent some reporter down. They were trying to make fun of Baker. Like all these yokels or having kids going school. How? How crazy are these people, right? Crazy people are the ones that are vaccinated. Still wearing six mass in New York City, I mean, to be honest with you.

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