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Planning and the use of a liner. I swear what is it about st louis. That's like the mafioso headquarters of ortho you got. You got the orthodontic. The american association of orthodontics there the international social sayre is it that arch is is that arch wire as i was actually part of our logos funny so that we made our logo art Sales arch within the sexiest shadow. Another arch wire into the two arches. So yeah that's very very student to view and has to be an arch wire. I mean that is ground zero for orthodontics around the world. Isn't it significant history here rocket the al building a angle was here. We have a lot of rape rate. Or the nasa came to san jose steeped in history for sure. Yeah i and a i'm And you know what's interesting is the first president of the american dental association was an md and adidi ass. The current president of the american dental association is an oral surgeon. Md's edward h angle. I just want to believe that. The answer howard. If it doesn't just don't don't tell me i've lived under this Do you know what i said for. I actually don't. But i think our pretty darn. Yeah just start telling everybody howard. He was named after me one hundred years before. But yeah edward h angle. He was an md anna dds. He's the father of american orthodontics. Do you ever wonder he lived eighteen. Fifty five to nineteen thirty. What do you think. Edward would think about today. You brought him back to life he. Obviously everything was routed a biology especially being a deed. It's a wealthy was thinking through and how he was really at the inventing the profession or the don except time. But looking now the way everything's gone digital and how related customize appliances To the patient versus having to actually than everything by hand or and everything by hand. I think he'd be just amazed. Pervasive orthodontics is. How much is expanded as. I think back when he was doing it. Obviously we're going through his. I think his mind would be blonde to to keep it short and simple. Well i tell you what. I'm having a hard day to day. 'cause i found out that the h. was for hartley. It wasn't a howard. Gosh but it does goes to show you that. I'm the world is changing so fast. I mean if you if you don't like what's happening in the world. All you gotta do is wait a year or five years or ten years. It's just upward and onward. I mean every. I am always sell my boys. When they're bummed out about you know what's happening. And whatever. And i just say well man you flip back every hundred years it just gets better and better and yeah. It's two steps forward. One step time by this pandemic bother me really at all because i'd rather i'd rather have humans attacked by another species of virus than when they start killing each other. Everybody's talking about cova killed three million people it's like i- reminder world war two was seventy million. I'll take three million deaths from another species any day than when humans turn on each other and start going to town on each other. That that's the worst thing ever so so i gotta ask you have you been vaccinated. I have actually. This is the day after. Cdc announced that Flu vaccine will no longer need to socially distance or wear masks public. Which was the biggest blessing. 'cause i'm ready to get back to the way things were quite honestly You know we've been through a lot. Obviously like you said you know relative to what it actually was versus what it could have been you know the past year. Yeah were there challenges. We have to think on our feet. We did most dennis. Ray blasts most denser Doing pretty well now we. We're definitely moving on so. I'm definitely backs knitted us smell family. Got by data. Had told you howard before we started. He's seventy years old still works so i think that was a huge relief for him. I could literally hear the selection of voice change the day that he got his vaccine. I rise summer stress. Wait it had been carrying his Obviously it's a scary situation but You know we're we're getting on the other side of it so we're very fortunate. Yeah does it concern you yesterday. We heard that on my favorite friday night show is bill maher on dentistry uncensored saturday night. It's saturday night live but he cancelled tonight because despite being fully vaccinated he came down with covert and then Kyle was telling me this morning that the on the new york yankees. They had the johnson johnson vaccine and now like a dozen of them are sick. Does that mean I had the bio intech visor. But do you know. Do you think there's something going on do you think there's a new variant is that Are we not out of the woods yet. The concerns me. I think somewhat understood read about it. Know people get the vaccine. It's not a hundred percent effective in Covid you're not usually not going to the hospital. I usually possible. The mobility decreases significant rate. Flu shot at radio but have i got the flu. Shot on a flu. The answer's yes But the fleet. Kill me on not So at some point you know we have to kind of look at it globally and understand what vaccines doing for us is keeping us out of the hospital talking to prevent anyone getting cova. Were probably have to keep on getting the vaccine forward through our lives so You know a to surprised that. You're getting kobe even though they've been backseat necessarily so as long as not dying in hospital. I think that's the way see. Your dad turned seventy two yesterday or yup win thirteen yesterday. My seventy years old happy birthday happy birthday. Happy day for me. That is just amazing. My gosh i don't wanna get too deep and personal on your but working with the family. I mean i had two older sisters and they left. High school went straight to the catholic nunnery than i had three younger sisters. You got married had babies. But when i was ten dad went from delivering rainbow bread for eleven grand a year or two. He saved up his money even though he only made eleven grand a year and had seven kids and a stay at home spouse. He was still able to save up. Those ten years bought a sonic drive-in franchise and my gosh. The rest was history. I mean just but when we would work for him he was. He was a tough dune. He was my idol. I loved it. But my god my five sisters did not like if he if he was too hard on workers that i told you to bubba. They would carry that baggage home and then that night they wanna talk to them or whatever and and data could be like. Is she mad. Because i made her redo. The onion rings or l. Is going on but i know it's different for every dad mom and brother and sister but what's it like working in a family. You're in there with your dad and your sister. Have you ever had to call nine one one to break up a fight you know Smells like roses at your. Obviously we have our disagreements. You tend to speak out on a different level with your family. Then you put your your your colleagues or peers. A family of a honesty also helps in another way is.

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