Developing a Stronger Sense of Self and Truth With Maureen Pelton



Do we separate what we know in our brains to be true. Let's say and an intuition or a sense of something that might come to us from a different place. Do you ever hundred percent know something is true for you. That's a really good question. And i spent twenty some years embodiments and how to discern between the two. And i'm gonna i start by saying there's no absolute so and there's no one hundred percent so it is what i call developing muscle. We exercise to develop our muscles. Strengthen them will listening to our body listening to our wisdom listening tore intuition versus all the chatter in the head that is developing a muscle practice. And i encourage playfulness. I encourage innocence and joy and curiosity as we explore this. Because we're we're way too serious. And that is the brain in the ego. And it is the place of the beginner. Mind as they call it or the neutral observer where something comes up something emerges we know something we feel something and we sit with. Oh well that's interesting and we don't go into your boy. It's absolutely right or that. That is true. We stay with that and it is revealed that the minute go on our head and this is what a lot of us are conditioned to do and we try and make sense of it and put meaning to it and find the mechanism for when that happens. We have now left the body and we're back living above the neck and then the muscle doesn't get developed. So i talk a lot about and teach a lot about the neutral observer. The silent witness that is just receiving and full of curiosity on wondering innocence. Enjoy and one of my greatest teachers around that. Because i have had the pleasure of being with his holiness the dalai lama in his place in dharamsala a couple times as well as in larger venues that he's brilliant but he sits in that place of joy innocence and wonder and playfulness. And that's where. I feel a lot of fluidity. In emerging an unfolding of what is

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