Death Toll From Congo Volcano Eruption Rises to at Least 32


Talk once again about Mount Nyiragongo, which erupted a peculiar eruption a sort of a very large flow. Very slow flow of lava. This is in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It ended up destroying hundreds of homes in the major city there of Goma. The death toll has now gone above. 30 has confirmed that many Children are missing as well. There are many humanitarian agencies on the ground, including a UNICEF team that's being deployed. In the affected area in the chief field officer for UNICEF. Is John Metin. You He knows the area. Well, hey, witnessed not only this eruption, but also the previous volcanic eruption. 2002. He's on the line now from Goma. John, first off. Just tell us what What is the priority for UNICEF at the moment? Tell us more about these Children who have gone missing. I should say you've been able to find some. So what's happened? What's the situation? Okay, well, talking about Children we match to find about 530 Children's, which were separated from their families. And fortunately we have been able already to facilitate to reunification off friendly and and 60 of his Children back with their parents, So we are very happy with this. We still have about 170 Children's, which are currently an institution and we are actively We're looking for their parents in order to try to urine inside them

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