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Microsoft is gearing up for a big update to windows. Ten which o. Such a delicate one of the most significant the past decade. Those are some big words. So what changes are we expecting. Chang this is your daily charge here discuss all. This is senior editor in charge of software services. Alison danisco rome. Welcome thanks for having me. So what has happened is supposedly getting this huge revamp later this year. What are we expecting. So we've heard rumors about this big windows. Ten redesigned on the way for about the past year or so and now microsoft has finally confirmed it with such dole's comments at the microsoft build developer's conference last month and this update has reportedly been code-named sun valley and it's likely to be a pretty major change in the way the operating system looks and also in terms of adding some new features. Yeah talk a little bit about that. What are some of these key rumor features and talk a little bit but that that updated look because obviously it's been the same for a while. Now i'm wondering how they're going to dress up this new version of windows ten right so so far weeks reports that microsoft could be adding a redesigned start menu center file explorer also task bar and the goal will be to kind of bring more modernized features across the whole operating system. We also know that the windows ten x operating system that the was working on which was going to be for dual screen devices like the surface. Duo is now no longer going to be released and instead microsoft is an ad parts of that tech into other parts of windows. So i'm guessing that we're gonna see some dual screen support for desktops helpful as more people work off with multiple monitors now especially from home but of course microsoft hasn't confirmed any of these rumors so we won't really know for sure until it's actually announced ryan that's an interesting point about i. Guess removing the windows x. windows ten x version. Does that mean that you know that. They're pulling support for some of these dual screen devices like like the duo or is it that some of that stuff will just being corporated into those ten for those devices yet. I don't think they're pulling support for them. But definitely more incorporating it across other aspects of the windows ecosystem so it will still be there just not exactly called windows ten x anymore. Okay gotcha give it. How poorly those things sold. I wouldn't be surprised if they pull support but nice to know that they're still with it and we will hopefully continue to see some of those. We're multi-screen devices down the line. Now a when was the last big update. Tournus assumpico refresh my memory. Sure so microsoft typically rolls out to bigger windows updates every year one in the fall of one in the spring and usually the spring update is the big one with new features but this latest may twenty twenty one update that we just saw last month was pretty notable on the fact that it didn't include many upgrades at all so that really stoked more rumors that was gearing up to do something bigger with this next update in the upcoming cycle guy. Basically saving their ammunition for this much bigger update down the line taco bit about the may twenty twenty one update is known as twenty one. H one what what changes did come with this new version. The changes we really saw were multi camera support for windows flow which allows users to choose an external camera when they're using one behind displays with integrated cameras and there are also some improvements to things like windows defender application guard. Also some administrative side policy things that support remote workers but really not a ton of front end new features for people with any other features changes worth highlighting. Even if things in the back end that we may not necessarily can not any major ones really just Some security updates as always and things that are kind of just keeping things running smoothly but nothing too major to report so again really expecting to see some big things with this next update and timing wise one. We expecting the next version of windows down. It seems very likely that it'll be riding sometime in. Twenty twenty one. One report said it's targeted just for second half of the year. Another one said we should expect it around the holiday season but at the bills conference microsoft said that it plans to unveil it very soon. So we'll have to wait and see their. I know when apple reveals were makes available a new version of mac os software. There's tons of people go on to update you know that they generally have a pretty good breakdown of Of computers that have the most up-to-date software. What's it like with with windows. Is it more fragmented. Less fragmented are are. These laptops. are folks good about upgrading. To the latest version of windows. Microsoft has tried to make it really easy for people to upgrade to the latest version of a lot of people do have those auto updates turned on so it should just arrive as soon as it's available or you can also manually check for them. I'm not sure numbers lies at how many people are on the latest version. But i think that's something that they've worked really hard to make sure that people are getting this continuous updates over time especially for security purposes. So this this big updated seems like a return to roots of sorts for microsoft right because it seems like over the last few years. They've invested in areas like cloud or deeper enterprise software and services and the they've largely left the upgrade to windows to be a bit more incremental. So with a significant move. I mean is this kanda. back to basics for microsoft. It's fair to say. I mean windows. Ten has been this mainstay since it came out in two thousand fifteen and while they have continuously added some new features. It has been anything major redesign wise since then. Meanwhile they have gone onto experiment with some other things. That work on some enterprise took stuff. But i think with this will be kind of a return to the core. We know that executive talked about wanting to continue reinvesting windows over the past few years. I think we'll see some of the fruits of that windows ten. It's not the sexiest topic. Is we sort of talked about before this podcast began. But there's still interest in the operating system and these updates right. There's a ton of interest. I do a lot of windows. Ten coverage in people seem very interested in making sure they're updated on the latest version and binding out with the best features. Are i think something like one. Point three billion people worldwide are using windows ten now according to it's china doll at the conference last month so it's not something that's very widely used still. There's a lot of interest around absolutely. I know there's total subsystems. They're using older like windows. Xp software i imagine. Microsoft is keen to get them to upgrade as quickly as possible. If nothing else for security reasons last question at just this is maybe wishful or was full about things but when when will they move on from windows ten. When are we going to get a windows. Eleven or twelve. Let's let's progression here right well. I think it's very likely that this new redesign is still going to be called windows. Ten it wouldn't they first announced windows ten back in two thousand fifteen microsoft said that this was going to be the last version of windows so it seems unlikely that we're going to see a windows. Eleven or twelve at least right now but new delegate call this the next generation of window. So maybe we're going to get kind of new nickname with it. We'll see ya feel like needs a if nothing else a rebranding of sorts of windows just to get sexy again right. Yeah no. it's very well alison. Thank you for your time. You can check out coverage seeing dot com. Give any questions. 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