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Today. We've got to heen trips. Daba with us who is co founder and ceo of base ten. Welcome to him. Hi thank you. Thanks for having me. Cristiano yeah it was great. Meet you. We had a chat last week and i was learning a little bit about some of the things that you're doing and had to get you on the show right away so really excited to hear about that stuff but before we dive into all that could you just give us a little bit of info about your background. How you got into doing what you're doing now so my backroom actually electrical engineering electrical engineering college in optical h. I decided that the right thing to do was to go work in finance in new york for for a couple years it had nothing to do. That's the rumor and academia that i heard was like you can sell your soul and go make a ton of money and finance not that you have to sell your soul to go into finance to work on the fund problem of privatizing toll roads There you go fascinating in. Its own way but after a couple of years of it. I decided that wasn't for me. And i decided to go back to engineering so actually moved to boston from new york to work at a weird academic lab at beth israel medical center which is part of harvard medical school. Where the professor who had one apprise full coming up with a noninvasive way of tracking the progression of ls and he'll spin off. Stop as part of that. That was very data driven. Like two thousand and eleven. And i didn't know anything. That machine learning stats. Well you know. I've done a bunch of electrical engineering and information signal processing in college. I could probably convince him. Just take on. You know boston suppler. We'd breed in that. You know the kind of very research focused laura grant and frankly to quite cheap. And i was like i'll go and tell them to pay me. Allie alco work this. I went there. And i got to work with this guy. These three mit pc's basically figuring out if they can predict the prognosis of neuromuscular disease.

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