Defining Holistic Medicine and Its Benefits With Dr. Shealy and Dr. Sorin

Merkaba Chakras


Back up a little bit and explain to people what is holistic medicine. Because they know regular medicine they can go and see the doctor at the clinic or the hospital but what is holistic medicine for mines is putting by mine and so together in other words to me a so in carnets foreign experience but we have a basic physical need to survive. You know. you've gotta have air water shelter nurturing kind of thing but we have things to do but at the so level we are in touch with god and the divine in what got left out of medicine. Three hundred years ago was the so and to me. It was psychology as well. But unfortunately i why did they leave out that element of spirit. That you've spirit out of medicine is no. Why would you make decisions like that. I think it was good any But interestingly i've never had any doubt that i am a spirit old. Yeah everybody knows that and So in in seventy two. I discovered technique co owner jerry training it had been around since nineteen twelve twenty. Six hundred references is on it. When i learned it but i suddenly start duties with my chronic pain patients. All of a sudden that took over it was so important and how i helped to heal patients that in nineteen seventy four went back to get a phd ecology. Woo at. I'm wanna say not a conventional Program with the program will saybrook. University is humanistic. Psychology humanistic psychology. Actually is is really related to being humid related to avenue spirit. It is the the sacred if you will carter psychology As i i learned that i can take unto training in changing into all kinds of things are now we have sixty eight. Different mental exercises retraining the

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