Great News About a New Regional Wholesale Hub


As you may know. I've been documenting. The emergence and rise of regional flower hubs for more than a decade. My deepest ties are with the seattle wholesale growers market. A farmer owned cooperative whose origin state twenty ten. When a group of growers came together at a regional. Asc of g meeting held at charles little and company. In eugene oregon. Fortunately i was there and witnessed those. I am vicious optimistic. Conversations that yielded what we here in seattle. Enjoy today at the time. There were only two other models to which the founders of the seattle growers market could look oregon flower growers association which has a long history in the portland market having been founded in the nineteen forties and fairfield flowers a small but mighty collective of wisconsin and illinois growers serving madison and milwaukee flores fairfield flower ceased operating as a collective on january first of two thousand nineteen but many of the floor farmers who participated still grow and sell flowers independently. We have witnessed encouraged and featured on the slow flowers podcast. Numerous other regional efforts to bring flowers from the field to the florist and consumer and innovative ways from legal cooperatives to privately held wholesaler operations from casual meetups to marketing collectives. You've heard from many of them or their members here on the slow flowers podcast and now we have a new example to highlight. Let's welcome to of the founders of old dominion flour cooperative a washington. Dc area local flower cooperative. My guests are melissa webster founder and megan wakefield director of operations to growers. Who are part of this group. That launched publicly at the end of january.

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