Paul Mooney, Comedian and Writer for Richard Pryor, Dies at 79


He collaborated with comedic stars like Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle. Comedian and actor Paul Mooney has died at the age of 79 or Allison Keyes has a look back. Paul Mooney was beloved by many for his sharp wit and biting racial commentary, leading fans to ask questions like Must Everything Be Race? Yes, everything money, was head writer for the Richard Pryor Show and also wrote for the classic TV programs. Good Times and Sanford and son. Confronting racism in ways not often seen on television from a stand up performances. Jesus is black and so is clear. Patrick know your history to his guest appearances on the Dave Chappelle Show, where he did Mooney on movies. Tom Cruise, He's The Last Samurai. Give me a Break. Allison Keyes. CBS

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