Rhythms of Sacred Protest - Koach Baruch Frazier

Judaism Unbound


Wanna talk about somebody coming to to do what you're doing which is to be in rabbinical school after a career in another field. I'm just curious about that because up until relatively recently being a rabbi was like something that people did more or less out of college and as somebody who's now on the old side. I kind of feel like i actually have learned a lot in the last thirty years and if i were to become a rabbi which i've got rid would never be but if i if i did today audi much better at it than i would have been thirty years ago and so i'm wondering just could you talk a little bit about how you made that decision to become a rabbi. After having done something else for a long time. And how has that influenced the way that you experience being a rabbinical student. One of the things that was on my mind. When i decided that i wanted to go to rabbinical school was as a leader Leader in community already in saint louis missouri. Which is where most recently from people were already assigning the title. Rabbi to me. It felt very strange. A i that was one thing that propelled into rabbinical school. The other thing is that. I spent a lot of time as an audiologist and i was starting to notice that some of the people who were coming to me weren't necessarily coming to me for their physical. Let's say a problems or their physical situations that they were actually coming to me. And i was more so as chaplain than i. Was there. audiologist in as that started to shift. I say you know what. I think i should go to school. So that I've gone to school for a audiology. And i felt of my career was great and i also knew that there was foundational learning. That made that career great along with the experience in so i decided that i needed to go to rabbinical school to get some foundational learning so that those moments in time when i'm spending with people as their rabbi that the foundation is there

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