A highlight from 711: Ted Lasso S1E3 Rewatch: 'Trent Crimm: The Independent'



And i can rhyme my booty off. Let me check my notes here. Yes that is correct. Also very thorough notes. I prepped real hard for this. Also with steve. Steve on steve. Lots and i don't get food to be on this podcast. But i mad all the time also with me last night. New means lease. I have the lovely cathy campbell. Hi cathy lovely It's my tongue still in my mouth. Because i'm about to hallucinate for all the heat here i was wondering if i was loosening minute ago so it's really good as far as i can tell you're tons fine so we're here to talk about the third episode called trent krim the independent so just to put this in context of the season because i did rewatch the season and then come back to this episode to see where it fit in in as a whole and where we are so far is we've basically the main players and we've learned a thing about each of those players We've we know who it is. And what is deal. Is we know a little bit more about coach beard about jamie about keely about and the thing we've learned about. Rebecca which is underlined in this episode. Is that her intentions. Toward ted are possibly duplicitous policies continuing on blissett is yes also learned the very important information that she has great breasts amazing yet. But that's coming this episode. This episode is is where they are unveiled so to speak for yourself. It's gonna be that show all right. Hold on let me buckle up all right so the episode opens with a fantastic song by alaska. Which is a song that i love very much so i was very pleased to hear. It was rebecca's alarm and she rolls out. She's ready to go when the alarm goes off at six o'clock and she is a woman on a mission she walks into the office. She sits down at her desk and gives a pro tech tip to everybody about how you can have the voice assistant in your phone. Dial people by their nicknames. Yes that's right yes. He's extremely jazz because she's she's ready to see the pictures that she's had taken a key. Lee and ted apparently in some sort of compromising position although clearly. He's really just wiping. Catch up off the corner vermont. But that's another british press is likely to see exactly how ever bound to be disappointed yet and then she goes prowling through. The paper comes up. Anti is very upset about it. And as she's hot on the heels of getting higgins into the office to write this in such a bad idea at this time to say siri call shithead and just see how. People's podcast captures responded. That is so means. Steve and his very own brand. I appreciate it. We'll likely bleeped out. So i'm very curious if anybody has on their phone i did notice. She didn't say. Hey 'cause i'm honored and so i'm like oh. She must've for and they did so that it wouldn't send everybody's homepods because of course. Can you imagine the articles that would be especially especially because siri would reply. I'm sorry i don't have anyone by that name. In your contacts or worse they would just call the person in your come from. Did you mean stephen something. Yeah sorry. I didn't mean to call you should head but to hear it was it was. I was very amused by it. And then the thing that that i noticed about the second ted comes in sits down. We get like a full concentrated dose of ted telling a story about a clock in kansas and walkie. it's the allen. Bradley clock tower. Well here's hurting his lock right. Okay i forgot about the clock so he he answered the biscuits and she talks to him with her mouthful. Which because which i thought was funny. These are crack biscuits biscuit. She's has had the worse possible morning and is overwhelmed and the only thing that can survive her day is the practice skits the funny thing about it. Is he hands of the box and she brings it to her nose and like straight up first and then sits down to eat them. And it's funny. Because i watched the whole series as well and then re watch this episode about forty two times and it was in one or two episodes prior. I think it was just prior that. He had asked her you know. Is there any food or something like that. Takes you back to your whatever already. She's straight up. Huffing this box of biscuits in intel. It's filling that exact role in her and she just needs that stability in that comfort in this time when she's trying to ruin the guy sitting across from earth who brought her the biscuits but that's neither here nor there but she needs that stability and it it was very subtle and very well done and i love and that's the i thought it was subtle to that. She talks with her mouth full of biscuit because she couldn't to be eating one but she's still got shut him down and i just thought that was really funny so i i got a kick out of that bit anyway. So steve tell us about

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