A highlight from Election Audit Fever


Senate we'll discuss that. Plus the baseless arizona election audit providing a spark of inspiration among republicans across the country and finally a big decision looms for house speaker. Nancy pelosi last night. The house passed the bill to establish a commission to investigate the january. Sixth insurrection on the us capital. The final vote tally. Two hundred and fifty two to one hundred seventy five thirty five. Republicans are among those who voted in favor of the commission. Ten republicans remember voted to impeach president trump. all ten of those republicans are part of that group of thirty five but their ranks have more than tripled in the last few months in terms of getting some accountability for what went on in the up and on the day of january six this is the strongest rebuke of trump yet by republicans. But i think you'd be hard pressed to see some clear break of the republican party shedding its fealty donald trump. That's not the case. One hundred and seventy-five house. Republicans voted to protect the president from having to testify before. Such commission voted to protect kevin mccarthy from being subpoenaed to testify before such a commission. Put politics above getting a total authoritative. Bipartisan independent account of january sixth. And of course right on. Cue president trump put out a statement. Today seem to be threatening these thirty five republicans who voted for the commission quote see thirty-five republicans. They just can't help themselves. Sometimes there are consequences to being ineffective and weak. The voters understand. That may be the reason that the bill is as good as dead in the united states. Senate we talked yesterday about the fact that senate republican leader mitch. Mcconnell announced his opposition to the bill. That's certainly put some nails in the coffin that it was going to pass through that chamber but now you see how republicans are trying to move on from this beyond just mitch. Mcconnell richard burr one of the republicans. Who voted to convict president trump of impeachment one of those seven republicans. He's not for this commission. Susan collins another one of those republicans who voted to convict president trump. She has problems with the current form of the january. Six commission that passed the house yesterday. She wants changes before she'd be willing to say she supports it. So the path to getting ten senate. Republicans seems more than steep. It seems nearly impossible for democrats and therefore the bill is not going to pass and this commission may not come into existence. So what next. Well nancy pelosi was asked about that. Today we're taking this one step at a time but we said we want is a bipartisan commission. I don't want to weaken that position. Everybody knows what my options are. They are no secret. The preference not only preference. Overwhelming preference is for bipartisanship. So if indeed this bill is dead in the senate. Many observers. Expect nancy pelosi to set up a select committee in the house. Now here's what

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