A Web of Death and Deceit: The Link Between Two Tragic Cases

The Case


Kevin kyle. Craig was found dead by his brother. Daniel on may twenty sixth twenty nineteen dino hadn't seen his brother for nearly two days discovered his decomposing corpse when the foul smell and the kick down the door in the trailer on the family property. He found his brother swollen and purple flies. Were buzzing in the room. Lying next to the body was a single hypodermic syringe. We covered kevin craig's death extensively in episode four of this podcast. We don't believe the official coroner's determination. The craig died from drug withdrawal heatstroke. We believe the kevin mailer was involved in craig's death and we visited craig's trailer twice the weekend. Craig died on the day. Before we published episode four of this podcast oconee county sheriff. Mike crenshaw called us with some stunning information. His investigators received a tip a tip. That if true would help investigators find out not only happened to kevin craig also faith

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