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In the first season was interviewing principal. Who did they last soul handsome boy modeling school so Which get to go. We get to deep dive on every one of their projects and people tend to love it because they love those albums anyone here all the backstory's and inside jokes such yeah. That's sounds great. How long does a so. A season is just one artist but like how many episodes twelve episodes so far in both seasons. And you just going and do you know who season. Three's going to be or is that. how do you decide well. There's there's only there's only a handful of people who really make sense because they have to done you know so many different projects that it's like that it makes sense for twelve episodes so as not a long list of people who could be I can't. I started taping season three. But i can't say who it is yet because my pr people really mad. If i just do it without sending out a press release wwl yeah of course and now we just had a terrific teas. But but listen to this season l. p. must have a lot of amazing stuff to say yes of marijuana while we're recording so his his memory spotty at best but it's still very entertaining. Watch a piece it together right also joining us today. We got a couple of first timers reasons. Here co writer of deadpool. Deadpool two but enough about them weighing my favorite thing. How's it going good good. I cannot thank you enough for your support of wayne. You're a one man army and we appreciate it greatly while fade again right now. You're not watching weighing on prime. I don't know what your problem is. it's probably the second most entertaining thing after finishing this podcast. You're listening to now But it's i just fell in love with that show mmediately once a guy to the close to the end me and my girlfriend likes save. We just couldn't watch the last episode we didn't want to be over and But moving on from that. Because i mean it's still. There's nothing to say really as far as it's still in limbo as far as making more. Yeah and i think frankly on the ropes like we we. We need more and more views and more and more We're trying to find that where we can but but we're not dead yet so hanging in okay. That's that's all i needed to hear. I'm on it. I tweet about it every wednesday wayne wednesday and i think everybody nobody watches. It comes to me and says hey why you recommend that crap like everybody comes to me and says that new favorite thing After they watch and thank me so that makes me feel. It's like just good all around to support way and also joining us. Today is a gentleman who You know it doesn't matter what i think of his movie because it is blowing up all over number one on netflix. For since the day it open for like at least a week maybe ten days or more and it's called mitchell's gummidge versus the machines. A great great animated movie and we have the director of this net sensation. Michael rhianna am. I saying it right. Yeah no you're you're saying right. thank you. I love this podcast. I've been on board for years. Last man stanton leonard maltin game. I've been listening for years so it's like it's a true honor behind it. I love it. You know all the code words. That's pretty cool. I know. I've got all these strategies for the games. I'm like really beaked up. I've been listening to back catalog just training. Well i hope you listening zoom episodes. Because that's the kind of games replay right now because i heard algorithm. Yeah it's shifted to We'll see what i start doing it for live audience again but things have kind of shifted to games where you know people where people can guess you know because asher some of the games are so hard that like it's in front of our friday in front of a studio audience to make somebody sweat a little bit but when we can't even see the person they're just sitting there quietly sadly trying to come up with something they're never gonna think of It's just you know the games are just a little bit more accessible. I help but you're movies. Great are they already. They must must already be talk sequel Yeah they're they're trying. I'm fired sleepy. But but yeah we're we're sort of talking about it a little bit and i like that. It has for a while it didn't it wasn't versus the machines that had a different title. But i like the versus because you can have it be about aliens or time travel or fighting an army of clones or anything stupid like that so i i think there could be sequel. Yeah there's so many things to fight lena to pull it off so in the interim while because i don't know how long between finishing the mitchells and it's showing up on surprise that window there it's It's it was like we finished like four months ago or something so we. I've just been hanging around stressing out in a corner. People liked it so. I'm glad i'm glad it's gone over relatively well. It's it's you must have found out like right away. You must have been seeing the positive comments. You know like the movie premiered on the friday and was number one by saturday. Yeah no it was. I mean it was awesome. And it's it's a weird because netflix's like you know i it's it's so intangible because you're not a movie theater and all that stuff but but it was like it's been really gratifying but it's like the main way i sort of interact with people seeing it is instead of them being in an audience there like talking about it on twitter but thank god they like it based things for the most part. Yeah and who knows. Like i would imagine you could get it on some screens that at some point just just because people love it so much would love to see it in a theater. Yeah i think that's the i that's my hope for like maybe you know in the fall or something. Maybe we could get a little mini mini screening urges. If they kick a weekend where there's not a big animated movie coming out. You could be that. We can't speak england 'cause not everybody has natural x. Yes so more people at the better. I love it and i recommend it to people as i do obviously wayne and go see i also by the way i also have wayne. I'm gonna throw another support more supportive. Let's check in with open. Mike eagle do you. Have you seen wayne on prime. I haven't even heard of it. So i'm not gonna pretend this is. This is the kind of honesty we need right now. The fact that people haven't heard of lane is the is the problem when you get spread the word but if you feel that no pressure but if he'd feel like checking it out saturday message me now a much you love it new really. Appreciate it guys might. I'm sorry i haven't seen the mitchells yet. It is literally the top of our q. I've got a two year old boy. He saw the thumbnail he was ready to roll. And i i know filling breasts. And i and i so i apologize not getting to it so but no problem when when when we were making it i remember we turn into draft. That was too intense and the executive who i really like. It was like watch zombie. Land this is to this. Think think more fun. So i remember me and my the colorado co-director watch excellent and having like the time of our lives like we should make it more like we should say that rat corre both zombie movies as well right. Yeah yeah that was us ed. Now you're gonna take on. You're making a new version of clue movie. Data's in the works as well though knives out still a tiny bit of thunder. I'm not gonna lie but for good reason it's the best darn thing ever but also that reviving the idea of a whodunit so seems kind of also perfect in a way through true. I think when someone succeeds in your space. That's a little close to you. Sometimes it can be a threat but sometimes it can be a boon because you know it. Just it proves that there's not for a certain thing yeah and I am the audience for for the new. Because i argue with people all the time about the about

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