Taiwan is Indefensible [Test]


War to break out between the. Us and china. Taiwan is a likely flashpoint. Imagine a revanchist. Chinese military amassing near taiwan. The white house warning against an invasion. All over take is one misunderstanding. Though the us does not officially recognize taiwan's government it does remain at strongest backer while china views the island as lost territory which it must take back. Some argue that the scale of china's military in the region has already surpassed anything. The us or taiwan military's could stop others say. American credibility is on the line and the us could indeed defend taiwan if pushed so in the context of these mounting tensions. Here is our question. Is taiwan indefensible. Now to be clear. Indefensible can cut several ways. The side by side military comparison is an obvious one could attack from china be repulsed but that is not the only question does america have the political will to confront china so far from its shores should the us risk economic and diplomatic fallout. That would likely occur. And what should america be willing to promise taiwan. We may be entering an inflection. Point in the geopolitics of this region as china's power and influence continued to grow and so these questions collectively are what we are here to debate. I'm john donvan. And this is intelligence squared. You are going to decide who wins this debate and you're gonna do that by casting two votes the first one in just a few seconds and the second one after you've heard all of the arguments to votes because that's how we figure out our winning team it's the team changes the most mines between the first and the second vote so it's time to actually cast your first vote now and we're

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