Russia's New Nauka Module Readied for Launch to International Space Station



I want to start with the russian multipurpose laboratory module which is i believe called naga for short. But it's it's a it's the new russian module For the irs. They've been working on for years. It's actually ready for launch supposed to launch on july twenty first. This is a big deal. Eight days later it will dock at the airport of these leads. The service module at the iss so the being added to the russian segment of the iss and in fact the cosmonauts are in the process of dumping some old stuff off the i s to make room for it in particular There is a docking port called peers. That there they. They did a seven hour long space walk last month. Who was the second spacewalk to disconnect peers from the space station they disconnect this docking module. Because it will be replaced by the new multipurpose lab module so peers gets disassembled or like disconnected. And it's going to be attached to the progress. Seventy seven cargo ship. And then they're going to deorbit those guys and they burn up in the atmosphere and that's the end and then knock a arrives and then they'll the cosmonauts will need to do another space walk to plug it all in and install everything there but then they will have a new russian science module and the iss will expand even further for the first time in a little while. So that's interesting on its own. I think the russians haven't had a dedicated science modules. So now they're they're gonna have their own dedicated science module. There's also i think a really interesting piece of hardware on this module and that is something called the era e. r. a. stands for european robotic arm. That's pretty good

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