A highlight from Katrina Scott - Tone It Up Co- Founder: How She Built A Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Empire. Motherhood As An Ambitious Woman + Her Secret To Creating A Massive Online Community!

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Goodness. Today's episode is a pinch me moment because in college twelve years ago i would watch the tone it up videos in my dorm room and my journey started as a health blogger so i was so inspired by the massive fitness brand. That corinna katrina had built seriously when it to fitness corinna and katrina of tone. It up are the pinnacle. The brand they have built is absolutely incredible. It's incredible and it's crazy to think that they met at the gym and it all began with this idea to film some workout videos together on the beach and by staying insanely consistent for over a decade. They built a multimillion dollar fitness empire and there is virtually no way you can scroll instagram or go to target and not see tony it up. Their workouts are everywhere. Their supplements are everywhere. Their booty bands their protein. I love it all. And i just gives me chills to think about the hundreds of thousands if not millions of women that they have helped and man as a as a fellow community. Builder the amount of work it takes to build that large of a community and stayed that consistent for over a decade is insanely admirable it gives me chills. It gives me chills to think about what they have built and real quick. Let's take it back to their very first video twelve years ago.

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