Best Value Plays for the NBA Finals

Behind the Bets


I want to touch on the nba no guest for the nba finals discussion. And we've done that throughout the postseason. Basically i wanna touch on a couple of things that stand out to meet the honest injury. Look we all wanna fire and make bets and hopefully win money on these big events right whether it's the super bowl the nba playoffs stanley cup. You name it but sometimes there's just not an edge and i just think it's too difficult right now to lay the series price of two dollars not knowing exactly what we're going to get with honest and when we're gonna get jaanus to return all signs point to his being out tonight for game one but willie return game two or game three. How effective willie b last round. We saw trae young return. And frankly i probably would have benched him in game six in the fourth quarter. At least he just wasn't that effective wasn't the usual stellar trae young. We were used to seeing this postseason or is it like joel embiid. After missing the second half of game four in the first round then missing game. Five sixers beat the wizards he. He came back from the injury and he was just managing pain more than anything. He was still dynamic. Not quite the same. Didn't have that dunk that. He said he could do it. One of the end of the one of the games. I believe it was game four against atlanta but nonetheless it just wasn't the same embiid but it was close to so if you can tell me exactly like how big of a percent how close to one hundred percent. We're going to be honest then. I can come up with a firm play in terms of the series price. Game one for me. No real opinion. It's already baked in the line. Honest isn't gonna play it. Let's say he's out officially might go from six to six and a half if he's miraculous you're gonna play maybe goes to three from the minus six just because it won't be one hundred percents so it's really tough game one favorites in the nba finals. The last fifteen sixteen years fifteen in one straight up fourteen to two. Ats now that's just a trend but sup denote given the sons at home court. I think they're going to win the series again. Don't wanna lay the two dollars. I think we're seeing a very loose milwaukee team that finally got over the hump reach the finals. They've been playing really tight. The last few postseasons especially this year. They were really tied against the nets but did get the w. thanks to kevin durant shoe size and game seven enabling the game to go to overtime and obviously outlasted atlanta thanks to couple injuries but both teams have benefited but nonetheless. They are here. No asterix whatsoever. At all. In my opinion. I just think if the only play i'm making a cpa three to win the mvp at plus one eighty to me. He's going to get all the difference from the voters if the sun's win at all thus booker or whoever else maybe eight and but book is really the main competitor. He has to put up astronomical numbers and for the sons doing. I just think c. P. three's going to have to have a stat line right. He's going to have to have double digit assist and a few games. Put up some points. I just don't think booker's capable of just having monster monster monster games in the four winds. So i think if it's remotely close. I think it's gonna go to chris paul because the leadership and all the other narratives so plus one eighty compared to minus. Two dollars is worth it to

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