A Program Vs. A Project - Brandon Kaplan CEO of Skilled Creative Discusses the Rise of Voice in Media and Commerce - Voicebot Podcast Ep 216 - burst 06


Yeah i think a lot. Lot more of the conversations in the marketing teams have more flexibility than moving more quickly But we show like a spectrum to our clients who say hey you know you wanna you wanna make big expensive. Heavy alexis kill We can do that but while we're doing that. Do you have a podcast that you want to drive traffic to voice device will let's literally just do a media plan that is you know Social media posts the say amazon lady play the blank podcast and that took one day's worth of effort so for every one of our clients. We've got a product roadmap. That's that's plotted in a very important Factor that's on every single execution which is a level of lift versus potential return. And we're testing out with all workloads. So we're not putting all of our eggs in one basket. We're saying let's test all of it so maybe. Hbo max does want to really heavily promote amazon lady. Play blank on. Hbo max to fire tv device owners. And we're piloting that as much as we're piloting really heavy alexa skills or or other things. And and don't forget you know that there's a whole slew of other things that these companies care about which is really interesting physical activation. They care about customer service they want to have a conversation around vr and want to drive subscriptions. They have merchandise that they want to sell an amazon inventory So that's why say there's like two hundred layers deep and we're constantly just assessing and bringing to our clients what we think the best next thing for them to be testing against his And that's why we look at it as a program versus a project.

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