Rima Fujita Illustrates the Dalai Lamas Life


You are a descendant of the last sim- awry and i was wondering what what is the story there. Oh yes so. You've seen the last summer. The movie with tom cours. yes i know. They're my ancestors. Wow yes and so. I grew up hearing about it so much from my especially from my grandmother. She was so proud and as a child. You know i was like Two three years old and she would give me the ski wilder of the shogun's face on a and as a small charlie. It's not something you would and see what. Give it to me that this is so important you keep it forever with you. Okay and then. I said who is this. This is the last summer and we come from that clan and so and over and over she would talk about how dignify that they were my ancestors and but it didn't really i was like okay. So what but much later in. My life I started to read about about summarize code and and the way the summarize our were i would say and they i found some good qualities like We have in buddhism like compassion. Loyalty justice Honesty all this. The summarize lived by those codes. So I started to have some interesting it in But it only happened later in my

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