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This is wet notes here on scuba shock radio for sunday july fourth two thousand and twenty one first up today i wanna talk about re fest two thousand and twenty one this october. The reef environmental educational foundation will again be holding refenced from thursday october fourteenth to sunday october. Seventeenth in key largo. That's four days of some great activity. The festivities kickoff on thursday. And one o'clock. You can then get a couple of days of diving in on friday and saturday morning with a two tank dive from either key divers amaury dive resort or essence. Those charters run about ninety dollars and they go out at eight am. If you wanna do a kayak tour you could also do that. For sixty dollars with florida bay outfitters. There are seven afternoon workshops and seminars and activities at john pennekamp park the coral reef restoration foundation. The history of diving museum and the florida keys. Wild bird sanctuary. Wow this sounds like a great event. Unfortunately i won't be able to make it down due to a family obligation but this sounds really good. Be sure to check out repressed. That's reef fest. Two thousand twenty one on their website. Well who watches the tv. Show curse of oak island. I think matt has watched every episode. And i think they're still searching for treasure but i came across an interesting article about one of the guys on the show. I guess tony sampson had a strange situation happen about a year ago tony's frequently on the show and he runs a tour company called salty door. Salty dog tours. Well he was taking some tourists out when one of his guests hat blew off so quickly turned the boat around to fetch the hat. And that's when he spotted something else a voter in the water. Apparently the boater was on his maiden voyage with this new boat when it capsized and he couldn't get to his life jacket because it was tied to the boats seat ono so tony fortunately rescued the voter in what is called the oak island triangle triangle. I guess the boat subsequently washed up on oak island now at least those guys found something there about a year ago. Olympus announced that they were getting out of the digital imaging business and that they would not be making cameras any longer and that would have been a shame if these Tech this technology went by the wayside. I really liked my Olympus t g six. well don't worry. A new company named 'em digital solutions is producing the old olympics. Cameras binoculars audio gear. They took over in january. Two thousand twenty one. Their website is get olympus dot com. Now if you want to know more about the company checkout oem dash digital solutions dot com. This company is based out of tokyo. And it's led by sha guinea saga motto all digital solutions employees about two thousand people with evaluation of twenty seven billion yen or about three hundred and thirty three million. Us dollars the oem comes from the nineteen seventies oem solutions that they put in place to make cameras smaller more rugged and quieter. This is great news especially for us olympus fans. Here's some sobering news out of florida. The manatees are under stress as of june fourth. This year. Seven hundred and eighty two manatees have died in two thousand twenty one alone and that's a one hundred and fifty one percent increase from the three hundred and thirty one that died during the same period last year to put this in perspective. The record number of deaths for manatees in a year is eight hundred. Twenty one or eight hundred and twenty four and that was in two thousand eighteen. This increase is so dramatic that representative vern buchanan from florida wrote a letter to the us fish and wildlife services to change their status from threatened to endanger and that's the highest level of protection here in the us. The florida manatee used to be on the endangered list until two thousand and seventeen when their numbers rose. Above six thousand six hundred they now estimate a census of about seventy five hundred but as we can see that number is going in the wrong direction. Now what's the cause food availability. The seagrass is being killed off by oversaturation of nutrients and the manatees simply. Starve to death. Not sure how a change in status will solve the sad scenario but we need to start someplace. Well it's summer. And i know that a lot of people like to catch up on summer reading while they're on vacation we'll scuba diving. Magazine just published a list of books that you might consider in their armchair adventure section. A couple of book stood out. One of them was in oceans deep courage innovation and adventure beneath the waves. And that's written by bill steve. And it's a history of our underwater presence. He covers submarines saturation diving and recreational gear. Bill also goes into the impacts of aro vs versus in-person exploration. You can pick up this book in ocean deep for about fifteen dollars in paperback. Now the second book is exploration deep ocean the first descent to the bottom of all five of the world's oceans and it's written by josh young. The book covers the exploits of victor scovill and his team on their history-making mission. You can find this book in hardcover for a little over twenty one dollars time to kick back with some good summer reading and finally here on wet note if you're a collector of vintage gear or want to start mark your calendar for the vintage scandal auction on july seventeenth. The auction is run by the nation's attic and you can register at live. Auctioneers dot com now. The auction starts at ten. Am central standard time. You can go to the site now and take a peek at all the cool stuff you can also register embiid early. The first part of the auction folks who focuses on vintage scuba gear from the nineteen forties to the nineteen seventies things like regulators knives mask cetera. Then it switches to maritime artifacts and closes out with the really expensive stuff. Those classic military commercial hardhats. I missed the last one. Because i was out diving. But we'll definitely try to tune into this next one get set up early and register. It moves pretty quickly when when the auction goes off. And don't miss out on that special piece of scuba history. Well that's it for wet notes. For sunday fourth two thousand and

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