The Wisdom of Buddah


In today's episode. You're going to be guided in a breathing technique as you meditate with a technique from none other than siddharta gautama. Buddha buddha lived in ancient india it was during the fifth to fourth centuries b c e. He is considered to be the founder of buddhism. He's often referred to as the enlightened one but he didn't start his life out enlightened. He was born into an aristocratic family but eventually he renounced his aristocratic upbringing and followed his own path which took him through many states of being he lived as a regular lay person working exploring getting into a little trouble here and they're getting married and having a son. He went on a quest to find the he traveled throughout the gung as plane in india. Teaching and building irreligious community. There's so much to the life of buddha as you can imagine and his teachings so this is a very brief synopsis of his extensive life and teachings. I want to share with you. Though the concept of three universal truths that's attributed to buddha's teaching the first one is everything is impermanent and changing the second one is impermanent leads to suffering making life imperfect the third is the self is not personal and unchanging.

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