A highlight from Is America Still America? | 6/7/21

Pat Gray Unleashed


Is here on the blaze radio network. I am and by the way so as keith. A little bloated from the weekend did it five days of the month. What's going on there. Yes yeah wow yeah that and You know beer bloated over the weekend. Yeah a lot. Assaulting take the s. Keep that water. Looks like you've got an entire lake stored up and does does it mean to be rude. But i'm going to anyway right so so yeah so. Welcome to jeffey this morning. Start out with all kinds of great stuff for you and you know of course the perennial aggravating stuff as well. I'm yeah but we got a pack a new bingo card. Today it starts out in the upper left hand quarter numbers. Don't lie numbers. Don't lie so great now they don't when you got a hundred and forty one and two thirds chance that doesn't lie you give give that up it just can't The next square follow the science. Where your grandma's day we haven't done that in a while we have not. Then we've got this and this guy's a liar Jeffy saying that hurts. That hurts liz. I'm oh okay. Lee elizabeth warren. I'm gonna get me the Our next square mostly peaceful followed by birmanie. You'll bum in their jeffey. Saying a man That's a moot point another jeffey. My friend tell that my friend. I al sharpton. I'm i'm not sure if i see. This is the ship. Yeah i don't know if i have that anymore. Yeah it's probably in one of the montages. i think it is. Yeah isa's chip allay. So it's kim saying it will find it Pat pimps cassie. I mean that's a given. That's like a free score. Do you mean that hardly ever happens by the way kency dot com. If you want the most delicious cookie. The world doesn't count now though. No that doesn't wear inside the explanation of the bingo card right but super delicious And we have now. We've now hired nine people and they've got this thing rolling really well so that you don't have to wait a week sometimes free cookies. They get there quickly. Well it's kind of nice. That's kind of a good plan. It is most people when they want a product. They don't wanna wait. Yeah that's true. I think that is have you do you have you. Are you looking into perhaps Investing into drones and dropping. Those bad boy you know maybe just starting off here in the dfw area with the shirks cookie drowns. Yeah the that'll come anytime now. Okay yeah really really close to that. Our next square is history. The only thing less popular than putting

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