A highlight from Episode 111: $50M Is Just the Beginning for AnD Ventures


You're managing partner of again. I hope i'm pronouncing it right. A and d ventures which is as i from your website is quote unquote redefining value investing. Can you tell my listeners. How your mission distinguishes you from other venture capital funds either a n. d. r. n. ventures. We define ourselves as a company. Builder based fund my partner. And i were in the industry for many years before establishing in and we saw These gaps for let's say early stage founders When they founding their company and a lot of help in really building the company for the first year year s and if you really look at fifty percent of the startup of the israeli start ups are failing for execution. And we wanna be there when they starting to build our company until they kind of heating gross and help them build it. We really aim to come as a partner for the company so we're not just investing or not just taking a board seat were actively helping to founders establishing companies And when we investing we architect the needs With enterpreneurs of the company manny focusing on detect that the base will be strong The products dacian which means okay have a great product to have customers for it And who are my customers so right from the beginning and then i think what's really really important Not just freeze rallies. But in general to grow is the execution of cells so detraction itself We work very hard with venture. Poor helping them bring customers for like the first year or two. That's where we think this is kind of the secret sauce helping from within it's It sounds like a a winning

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