A highlight from THE SUNDAY SERVICE - 06 - 06 - 2021

Double Toasted


You right now. Do take away more and you take it away. Do your thing my friend there it is. Oh that sounds good. Thank you thank you so much martin again pleasure to have you guys here. This is the sunday service. We have a lot of fun stuff on the docket for today. We're to be talking about that conjuring three not country through. They're like no no no no number. We're done with numbers now the colon. The devil made me do it. Too long is goofy to. That's a flip. Wilson tagline perfect. Honey i really. They can't go with a number because they're tricking people. Because it's like it's number. Three number four is out the rest of them. I'm not going to see that in theaters. That's they do everything else. In between so i totally understand the reasoning for but not not the best title. I know it's a terrible title and just go with the numbers people who were completed. That's wanna had. Their collection in numbers is on the shelf. And when somebody says like oh this country movies are they any good. Well what you should do is watch this one but you went to watch annabel and between this but actually this. Nfl three comes before the first annabel. So you've got to back up and watch that or is it to that comes before e some

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