A highlight from Ep 221: Sex Sells on Fuse!


What decision we're about to make moral decision. How and how tricks. Welcome to the motherfucker. Horrible decisions podcasts. Bitches so i really tried to on different. You don't like an actress. Let me stop this bill For giving me a pa. 'cause when that went to give me macho every day. I was like oh. I need much. It'd be paying them mouth drive. Which is supposed to do well libby filling like i'm drinking. We'd be like why is my mouth. So t ma'am. I know the tea i drink earl. Early earl grey feeling. Good this show. Y'all this is horrible decision. I didn't just say that. And i was gonna say my name is easy. And i'm mandy has a red cup in her hand for those of you are not watching a new bits. I demanded w t.f. Studios and i'm like your rates right wetted look a bit jerky puckett bacardi goal. What the fuck this baby listen. It's giving caribbean vacations. Nobis we're pinochle biz. But this mccarthy is not you know put it back up. That is dave's making tam baby oil lot. Because i'm billing that's my that's my wife's side so you got oil because i see my skin like talion. Rep italian focus wrong. I would take the rails. Let's get a waterway is not avion bitch. Oh what is this your goddamn alcoholic brain. Evian avion tequila avion. Avian damn bro gain weight. Y'all shit a dope announcement. Today is the release of sex though shit on us tv. If you don't have us please figure out how to get it because they gave your girl. Tv show and i need a season tube. Smith wrote listen. This show is the first show ever hosted by black girl about business. It isn't as she about the entrepreneurs and make money from sex without having it. I know you may have seen previews. and it looks super skanky and it does. I'm not gonna lie. It is but you filmed in a sex club. We took the sex sexiness out of it. That literally in my log. Line when writing the episodic bible i said take the sex out of it because i really want people to forget their watching a sexual. Bro there's a girl we interview. That does like a t-word class who does a full unless in about seo and google searches like every single person that you watch. You're going to really respect their business acumen. None to mention like every episode is themed on how people make money from sex and before anyone could cast somebody that was like wack. I was really going through horrible decisions. And i was like who has in my brain you pretty much. All of whoever is on there. But i'm not gonna lie the blackest but she and i have sat here and been like what you don't thug dick like there's been so many guests on horrible decisions where we're like you are the enemy of a sex worker. You make money engaging in sex work having sex for a long time it took us like so that you yearn for this client at all. We questioned a lot of people. Don't realize did we was like say you tell me this paid you. How much a. He didn't put his dickey over there. And it's almost insane like the first episode. You guys will see tonight. You seen my mom in the trailer young as and the trailer i basically connected with women bro. Almost everybody in the show was black. I love it. And i said i really thought was going to be we gotta get the bt but no honestly i barely like they barely chose at also is only playing baby. Currently other show like could've gone on there. What to me was so special about it is like i really wanted this to almost connect with horrible decisions in new in a way and lie. You will see some of the people that we've interviewed in now. Really learn about like their money and how they have created their business Shout out to dash. I hope i'm not spilling the secret. But i asked dash to come on and one of the glad you did to like. He's like and i'm not. I don't remember when you reach out to me was like. Hey what's ashes. Contact or the fact that he traveled in the way he did for our touring. Yup dash has been that was part of his explaining his business. One of the really wanna play greatest gems. I think from the show in learning what he does in so many of our listeners. Go to dash. I mean bro. He said on when we were filming the show. I don't believe leave it in there. But he was like bro like what horrible decisions day and for me it was like this show is so much about the kinks but these people really make their living. Like dash has not only just done like rope. Bondage and clients like he's branched into making boxes and product and creating shit like and he talked about that. He's talked about growing his brand traveling for even shows with us like each person. Like i looked at totally different. They me so much unlike granted you know with some people. Y'all may not know their to them. They were great businesses too but like it just was so doped to be able to have black people explaining their entrepreneurship. And it no matter what you do. There's a lesson learned from each one about their business and at the end of every episode. Their businesses are highlighted. You'll you'll take away the document that they have how to implement it on your own way. Like i learned something from everybody. Lisa splits in shutouts her when she came on she was saying to me like bro as far as like video conferencing platforms and electric payment. Like how those work like all of those things and it was just such a big deal to finally really validate what we do and what these people do. And i'm just so glad that must have been black but i will say You know there's an asian business. My wax lady. She was taking. You did her any. I was like discs okay. I was telling the cameraman though spread plus the open and she was so grateful. She taught us about group on percentages. About how much they take from you like the shoot was lip teacher at a market. How to make sure that you're not doing some illegal ship. But yeah nobody on their as fucking for money or at least doesn't know where they explained to us maybe but they have ways of which they're making very few i was maybe one or two people could have possibly fuck for money but for the most part. No i mean you'll learn about products dildo makers and you'll see some ancillary characters that you may know from my life or whoever fucking mandy you're supposed to do a tort class with me but we couldn't get the time right at all. She has me. Why did not do well in that. As but you know late night to hold you i i feel like i could do it on the dick. That's it. I cannot pandy. Yeah i like why am to flu. No but you know like people. They don't want to feel the pressure of going to the gym. They do like dance. Classes and stuff like torque classes are really cardio. I needed an inhaler in the middle of the shit. But i'm convincing for sex to like

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