Aaron Rodgers Skips a Packers Camp

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The show today with adam. Schefter telling us that. Rogers is not expected to be minicamp at all. It is the first time in his career that he escaped the mandatory minicamp. So he's not there but our reporter rob demovsky is the mood. at packers. camp given the specter of aaron rodgers. Absence greenie status quo. Because no one not even the players. Not the coach. Not the front office expected. Aaron rodgers be here for this camp. It's been the same thing all offseason. But there is some anticipation and some excitement from this regard. It's for jordan love and not just because he's gonna continue being. Qb one but it said he finally gets the chance to work with his top receivers. As we've talked about before. Greenie davante adams allen lazard marquez valdes scantling and all the other returning receivers last year have been absent from the off season program and now they're here so it's the chance for us all and more importantly for the packers to evaluate. How love looks with those top receivers because before today he's really been throwing. A bunch of undrafted rookies a bunch of street free agents and guys that have never really performed in an nfl regular season game

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