A highlight from Oregon's Hoovervilles & Oregon's Dungeness bay cozy mystery mp3


People places and events often obscured by the missile time. I'm your host ted crumb. Today's mystery organs hoover bills and remember to keep listening after this story for the joanna. Bright dungeness bay cozy murder mystery series now organs hoover villes where it all started in one thousand nine hundred thirty two. Us tanks and infantry under the command of douglas macarthur. Dwight d eisenhower and george. Patent bast on the illiteracy. Right outside the white house. More than two hundred soldiers on horseback plus men on foot and five tanks marched down pennsylvania avenue toward the capital to launch an attack on forty two thousand world. War one detriments their families and supporting groups. It was the height of the great depression and the order came down from the president. That hail from newberg oregon. How would be herbert clark. Hoover against world war. One veterans led by former sergeant also from oregon walter w waters. He called his followers. The bonus army or bonus expeditionary forces a nod to world war once american expeditionary forces it all beginning in one thousand nine hundred twenty four when grateful congress voted to give a bonus to world

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