TOP Facebook Ad Lessons Learned From $200M+ in Spend


Gonna be talking about top facebook adolescence. Learn from over two hundred million dollars in spend so lots of experience coming with these wise words and chase. Let's be honest most people launch into facebook. But you actually teach how to leverage both idee reels and tiktok before launching facebook ads break down the strategy for us. Yeah this recently just came about because right now with tiktok and reels are so much organic growth happening. And they're pushing these placement so heavily right now and they're really. There's a lot of uninterrupted attention because on rails right now you're not seeing any ads And then on tiktok. There's only only so so many many advertisers advertisers just just now now joining joining so so there's there's a a lot lot of of attention attention there there and and you you can can end end up up engaging engaging with with a a lot lot of of people people without without having having to to actually actually spend spend any any money money to to get get those those results. results. Here's the thing like if you make a tiktok post like you know your first post or your third post one of these posts is actually going to get a ton of us because how it works is they're going to push it out to a lot of people essentially. Gets you all excited about these views. You're gonna reach. You know anywhere between ten thousand one hundred thousand a couple of million every single time. We ended up telling somebody to do this. They end up seeing a huge amount of us.

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