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He asked us to do the first time we met with him, which was a trillion dollars over eight years, including baseline spending. But foxes Jackie Heinrich has learned that there is significant movement on two bipartisan infrastructure proposals, one each in the House and Senate. There are efforts underway to marry them into a single bill. The Senate has passed a bill to improve American technology authorizing $50 billion in spending to boost production of Senate conductors in the U. S. Vice President Harris is back in Washington after a two day trip to Central America to discuss the root causes of illegal migration to the US If you want to fix a problem, you have to go To where the problem exists. If you want to address the needs of a people, you must meet those people. You must spend time with those people. Because the only way we can actually fix the problem is to understand the problem. The vice president said she will visit the southern border but didn't say when Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe has won the state's Democratic primary in an effort to win his old job back. Jack, literally, a former state lawmaker has won the Republican primary for governor in New Jersey, will face Democrat incumbent Phil Murphy in the fall. The search is on for a hit and run driver in San Bernardino County, California. Struck young girls on the side of a desert highway on Saturday, killing three of them and critically injuring 1/4. The survivor says the occupants of the truck stopped got out looked at the carnage. And got back in their truck and fled Wall Street Tuesday, the Dow lost 30 points. NASDAQ gained 43, the S and P 500 up a fraction America is listening to Fox News.

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