Michael Jackness Compares E-Commerce and Affiliate Sites


Being cutting edge above being a first mover advantage like the people that can get there. I know they're doing and hang onto it. I mean there's a lot of different opportunities but what's interesting. Is that you now believe that. E commerce is actually better than affiliate marketing and affiliate sites in some ways and in some ways. It's actually worse kind of. Let's talk about both of those size. Like why is e commerce better than affiliate sites in also. Is it worse. I think when you you've done both you can obviously compare and having the pleasure doing affiliate marketing to begin with. I think that there's this relationship when whoever you are your marketing for need you way more than you need them and as they get bigger the relationship kind of flips its head a little bit and so there was a lot of times where we had worked really hard to build up affiliate pages reviews and etc Legitimate pull out work into it and felt like we were partnered with these people but at some point of being counters like alley really publishing. It'd be paying these guys that much or at all and they reduce or eliminate their affiliate program in you realize how little control you have over your destiny at that point in. It's a pretty brutal feeling that a brutal feeling and one thing. I kind of want to dive into is some more details about e commerce. I but what's specifically worse about a phillies sites via e commerce. You don't own really anything except for the content site and you can build a brand and you can own the content. But if you're type of affiliates site that is built around let's say online poker you're sending traffic to the number one and number two poker room and it's all based on reviews that room or things that you've done about that Then that goes away. It's you know kind of a kick in the in the rear amazon's

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