Relationships Made Easy With Abby Medcalf


Abby. Please introduce yourself. Hi well first of all. Thank you for having me here. I'm really excited. I listen to you and tell my clients all time to listen. So may i relation ship. May then i love your tedtalk you watched. I'm really proud of that. And i have a podcast also. The relationships made easy. You know how to do that. And i'm author. And i see clients and i speak allotted corporate and all the things all the things and i'm a mom in a long term recovery myself and actually been running a group in a drug rehab for thirty five years. Wow i like that news. I ever give it up no matter what else i'm doing in my life no matter what else is going on I run some kind of group. Do some sort of group it just it. yeah you know. That's what's under everything. So

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