Brood X Cicadas Swarm Across Several Eastern States


The eastern half of the country is experiencing a heat wave this weekend. The warmer weather will amplify the sounds of billions of brood 10 cicadas taking over the region. NPR's Amy held reports. These bugs appear once every 17 years crawling up from the ground to spawn before dying from parts of the Midwest. Through the mid Atlantic. The sounds of the cicadas are peaking, reaching decibels in the mid nineties that's as loud as a subway or a motorcycle or a shouted conversation. Entomologist Jean Kritzky in Cincinnati says the trees have become coursing centers, and the males are seeing in an effort to attract Females, all part of the mad rush to set up the next generation. People delay her eggs shortly after meeting and they'll hatch in about 6 to 10 weeks and then the name soul dropped too low the ground for the next 17 years just a few more weeks until this brood quiets down again reaching its end by the end of the month, Amy held NPR news.

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