Health, Happiness, and How to Get It With Tim James


I'm here with tim james. He is the producer of his own chemical free food products known as the chemical free body at the chemical free body. His inbox is constantly flooded with people singing and dancing about how he has given them a life. they couldn't believe was possible. Historic will have you laughing crying and gasping but most importantly he shares his recipe to a longer happier and healthier life. Tim welcome to the show. Thanks so much for being with us here today. How are you samantha. Doing fantastic. And i am excited to share and i hope the listeners. Get one thing out of this show today that they can go home and implement that will drastically improve their health and their happiness. While i have no doubt about that. So i want to backtrack to where your journey began. Because you've gone through quite a bit of health. Struggles yourself but i also know that there was a dear friend involved in your journey that led you to where you are today. But let's start with you. I grew up on eastern oregon on a cavern. Hey form now so. I was hunting and fishing. a lot. I play baseball too high level ben by age. Thirty seven Forty pounds overweight and my elbows were cracking and bleeding. Exa emma i left. Knee was cracking leading with x. Amount had acid reflux really bad. I had another skinny on my back. it was embarrassing to take my shirt off and then i had Finally had an organ removed on vacation. And that's when. I learned that my poor health doesn't affect just me and then i was actually bleeding readily we talked earlier about. I have this t shirt on says love when you poop. Because when i go to the bathroom number two it was a very painful experience hauled by blood and this went on for two and a half years

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