Top Googled Questions for Christianity: Part Two [TEST]


What's up everybody. Welcome to lightning bolts and other jackets where we take our concerns and questions about christianity and figure out a kick in the teeth. I'm victories asano your host here. We go. has it gone fan. This is lightning bolts and leather jackets. And we are on part. Two of top googled questions for christianity. If you haven't heard the first episode you can go ahead and go back if you'd like that was more of an introductory episode where we talk about why. We're talking about this. Because when i googled like why does christian or why do christians and if i got a lot of like weird slash interesting top gould questions in my like autofill. I thought they were great questions attack on labels leather jackets. Because that's what we do. Is we take questions. That are weird or hard or people. Don't want to answer. Maybe don't think about answering and we address them so last week was. Why do christians celebrate easter and today is why just christian music all sound the same. I mean i feel like. I could ask that question about any genre like rap or country or pop or whatever but we're going to break this down anyway really quick if you're only listening to one genre or just christian radio that's probably why you think it all sounds the same part of it is like you know different tastes for different people. I mean hymns can be trash to you just like metal cores trashed your grandma. So so keep that in. Mind to be tackled this question. You know not everybody's gonna like your genre of music but that doesn't mean that genre music doesn't have christian artists that are available so we're gonna talk about all this red

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