Ford CEO on the Future of the Automative Industry


When bill ford offered you the job as the ceo. Did you have one condition to him. I said bill About the racing goes. I like a ceo with petrol in his brain and his veins. So we're good. He's like yeah. Yeah boy was that a lift off my shoulders. I got on the mealy on the phone with my race team and said we're good. We're okay so you knew you had to have that racing in in your life. Yeah i mean. I hate to say it but i think there are things you gotta stick up for your family your loved ones or you know your hobbies when it's all said and done you know you have to have who you are you have to feed. What makes you you. And that's one of the things that makes me me. This shows longtime love in so many ford customers longtime love with the internal combustion engine back now at ford is the ceo. You're actually leading the electric revolution. Despite before being frankly head of the whole industry in being a spokesperson for environmentalism for more than two decades now the management team finally caught up with bill strategy strategies to electrify our most iconic products like mustang or f. fifty and and i would say as someone who's grown up in the car business An electric car is just a better car to hear you say the electric car is a better car is kinda shocking. I had to get there myself too. But you know i give you are just objective about it for a lot of people not everyone but a lot of people. It's got more interior room for the same amount of overall length. Also you remove forty percent of the moving parts and the parts of your removing the most complicated most expensive ones to repair like engine and transmission. They're gone So too much simpler vehicle as much more simple vehicle to make. It's also a digital vehicle. So you could update it over the air. You don't always have to come into a dealership to get it or improved now for someone who lives in rural texas who wants eight hundred mile range. Yeah probably not the best solution but for a lot of customers who used their vehicles Maximum couple of hundred miles. It's actually a great

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