A highlight from Part 3: Papo Morales, Rich Eng


Papa morales everybody popho. Good morning we have. I look at the The last five races of the card for tomorrow and also the last five races the cards for for saturday. You know whether is probably gonna play an issue. We'll have to see how the track is gonna come back And how it's going to be ready to host for that seven race. I mean i think the track is fast. I think you can lean heavily on a fire but if it's not been thinking go a number of different directions and honestly. I don't think there's a ton of speed in this race. no. I'm not a lot of early and i know he's got off track form and he's a number but You know if it's not tackle. Just say i like four or five six four american power from a speech standpoint like looking at Looking at bikinis on on and off. Track and i liked his last race. And then i kinda liked to wicked trick grand second album. Dr post and that was coming off. I mean the horse ran Seven days before it still ran second to To dr postal for For linda rights and also has proven improving form on on an off track So i like four or five if detractors. Ready anything but fast. I tomorrow in the seven. No and if it's you know if the rain does come and if the track is too wet I saw i mentioned earlier. Keli breen probably about seven thirty this morning when when his forces came out including forensic and he said he doesn't have a plan b. Actually he said there's not another prominent sprint that you know that he can just pivot to you know in the next couple three weeks so as long as the track is a sea of slop. I think he's gonna run. But then you've got then you've got a different set of conditions to evaluate and this is. This is a little bit of a of an extra problematic issue. Given that you got the true north. The sprint double To you know to tie to Saturday and it's the first race of the six races in the twenty cent pick six. So there's a lot kind of hanging on the on the track conditions and you know forensic fires involvement. I think more time up until post time tracks all the track. I wouldn't definitely wouldn't finalize any- opinions day And you know. Luckily if you're using the win with the click of a button you can just look at how the horses on on tracks rated other than bath so That's just another element to vote in you. Moving along the a once again. I was kinda looking at track not rated bath and i like the Parksix seven with. I the horse. It is intriguing. Is our excuse me five five. Six eight Eight more on. I think the last few races have been pretty darn good And it. It's going to be probably a higher price than some of the others in here I kind of like avenue but formed win. Pushed pushed her down a bit. They're not saying interesting when But she was one of the prices that That gonna trying to chop nine to five but unfortunately chubb wagon. Was one of those dual qualifiers did both on equity base and formed. The win. got us that. He's the favorite here. Also and she just thinking back to pimlico to i mean she was she was top chart In the ski pat. I mean it's nice when it pushing the price down but when you try to a point you're trying to beat the morning favorite and then you look on your shoulders and she's ranked And the top and i. You know. I'm not going to get beat by the beker outright. From a win standpoint that i'll include her on the maltese. And that takes a steve the to new york a mile and a quarter on turf. Which i'm sure will not be rated fast. Did you rated good already today. Or it's good today right now starting out. Yeah so. I don't anticipate a lot of drying out So good at at maybe best tomorrow and This is a this is tricky race. Even i know it's part of that two dollar pick four which i'm really interested in i do like harvey little oil And some questions about if she can get the mile and a quarter. She was actually closing pretty decent. In the breeders cup. Classic go two mile and three sixteenths. I think you gotta use her. Of course i think you gotta use the The invader thundering nights. For joseph. O'brien and then i'm also can use the to virginia joy. Chad brown on i read. Rt's i watched the last week to replace us about or four of the links that she would really never ask. She wanted little bit geared down She's proven off lasix and She's going to be well. I don't know he'll tend to one but she'll be higher than some of the others in here. Well you know and bring me to To a question that Fits in here with the joseph runners. How're we when we looking when we're looking at form to win Rankings and and you know whatever changes we make like for instance i just added yielding With the you know at the prospect of it being less than less than it's going to be less than firm. I mean at the very least there's going to be cut in the ground That seems where you know. Seemed certain but what do we do about a horse like thundering nights and the other international runners that that the system does really not have scores for a more. Have a equa figure. It will have a form to win time. So it's like. I said i was playing around with filters for for a mile and a quarter race. I usually look at amount. Nathan puerto but Actually run a little bit further. So if you just look. I actually just looked ten for and up. And then you've got a limited sample size so you can look at between nine and ten or ten enough but if you look at ten and ob- It's virginia join. Thundering nights one to Mainly because some of the other ones don't have samples. I haven't gone that that ten along but it does have the a average four the one time. Another thing you have to consider speed is when these uris come over. Didn't running on deeper ground overseas so that affects the The times of they're obviously going to be as fast as if they run on

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