A highlight from 192. Lauren Hough


Have chat with floor. And who's new book leaving isn't the hardest thing is Pretty great pretty great or so. But in some twitter feuds lately and we do talk about that a little bit on the podcast. But i also want to mention very exciting news cameras book club. You can go to bookshop dot org. You can search canis book club under shops and you can buy preorder one last stop. Which is the first book. That is part of my new book club. That i'm starting on june fourth. I will have a chat with the author. Casey mcqueen who also wrote red white and royal blue. I mean instagram live. That's at noon but you can read along with me. I loved one last. Stop actually blurb it It is a love story. Involves some time travel. It's very good and very fun and very romantic. So kennedy's book club

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